We invite you to experience an extraordinary tasting adventure at Piwna 47 restaurant, dedicated to groups of 6 or more. Our unique restaurant, located in the center of Gdańsk, on the beautiful Piwna Street, offers an unforgettable culinary experience for lovers of sophisticated liquors. Alcohol tastings at Piwna 47 are a true journey through a rich array of flavors and aromas. We work with local and international producers to provide you with a unique tasting experience. Our selected wine, beers, whiskeys and other liquors will enchant your senses.
Our restaurant offers exclusive and atmospheric interiors, creating the perfect environment for tasting. Our team of enthusiasts will provide an insightful introduction to the world of alcohol tasting and share interesting facts about their production and history. Flexible approach to the organization of tasting meetings is our distinguishing feature. We are more than happy to adapt them to your preferences, organizing thematic tastings or focusing on specific types of spirits. Whether you are a novice taster or an experienced connoisseur, we will provide an exceptional taste experience. Plan an extraordinary journey through the world of spirits at Piwna 47. Our restaurant is the perfect place for lovers of fine liquor who want to expand their knowledge and discover new flavors. Contact us to book a date and experience a unique tasting that will leave an unforgettable impression.